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The Sticky Tray, a non-slip flexible tool solution, is essential for any workplace. Whether you're working on a boat, building site, or in a garage, the Sticky Tray allows you to work efficiently, without the interruption of missing screws, bolts, nuts and other tools. Thanks to its flexibility and its unique non-slip quality, the Sticky Tray will remain stable on any surface. This allows you to work with ease, even in the most hard-to-reach places, ensuring you always have your tools within easy reach.

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- Highly durable rubber anti-slip base, ensuring tray and tools stays fixed in one place

- Shockproof and tear resistant

- Fire/flame resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius

- Easy to clean

- Weatherproof

- Life time warranty

- Revolutionary in Europe

- Light weight

- Colorful for high visibility 

- Number in packing 

- Used/seen in motorsports

- Tire industry

- Medical use

- Construction

- Workshops

- Boat workshops

- Garages 

- Be able to work faster

- Work more efficiently

- Unbreakable

- Useful in the home and garden 

- Waterproof

- Dustproof

- Sticky Tray (Sticky Tool Tray) The Sticky Tray is true to its name. This must-have tool tray helps you easily organize your tools and prevents small parts from getting lost at your workplace.

- Easy to move around. The sturdy and wide handles of the tray make it easy to pick up and can handle a maximum weight of 300KG

- Non Magnetic. The Sticky Tray cannot get stuck and is easy to remove from any surface. This prevents damage to surfaces and your tools.

- Organized and efficient. Prevent those timewasting searches for rings, screws or bits that have escaped your work tray. The raised edges of the tray ensure parts stay in your tray and protect you and others around you from tripping on misplaced bits.

- Unique Design. The Sticky Tray has its unique interlocking design and is easy to locate due to its bright colors.

- Because the Sticky tray is anti-static it doesn’t get stuck on surface, you create a safer and easier working environment.

- Chemical Resistance. Sticky Tray has been developed with a unique silicone mixture that has specific properties making it resistant to all types of chemicals.

- Insane grip. Perhaps the most defining quality of the Sticky Tray is its grip, which guarantees it will stay where it is placed. Because of its unique sticky silicone grip it can attach to any surface it is placed on without slipping or falling, while still being easily removed.

- Easy to carry. Because of its flexibility, the Sticky Tray is easy to store and easy to carry to your work spot.

- Surface protection. Using the Sticky Tray prevents scratches or dents on your paintwork and tools.

- Versatile application. Useful for a wide range of jobs and tools. The Sticky Tray is a reliable partner in a wide range of situations.

- Flame-resistant/ fireproof. The Sticky Tool Tray is fully fire resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius.


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